Club Rules

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Please note: It is a condition that when you purchase any MAA Permit that you have read, understood and agree to abide by the Rules of Montgomeryshire Angling Association. The rules are contained within your Permit Card, are available on our website www.maa.co.uk or the Club Secretary.

Montgomeryshire Angling Association - Club Rules

All anglers fishing any MAA waters must hold a valid MAA permit. A valid Environment Agency Licence is also required and anglers must fish in compliance with the conditions and bylaws shown thereon.

The Management Committee reserves the right to grant or refuse membership to, or withdraw membership from any person.

A member convicted of any offence against the game and fishing laws shall be liable to forfeit his or her membership.

This Membership Permit is not transferable. It permits the member to fish only with baits, etc, allowed by, and within the prescribed dates laid down by the Environment Agency. Anglers must adhere to any additional district limitations as to dates, baits and bylaws as may be decided upon from time to time by the Association and the Environment Agency. Please check Environment Agency byelaws at www.environment-agency.gov.uk  or Telephone 08708 506506.

A member shall allow his seat box or other receptacle for carrying fish to be inspected by club bailiffs, other members, riparian owners or any other person showing authority to do so, and shall produce his or her  Membership Permit at the request of any member who shall produce their own Permit. i.e. all members have the authority to challenge an angler on any club waters.

No member shall at any time use more than one rod per permit whilst fishing Club Waters.

All fish caught on our waters (with the exception of trout and salmon) are to be returned alive and to the same pool, canal or river as they were caught. Anyone caught taking fish from our waters (with the exception of trout and salmon) will be banned from all club waters, have their permit taken off them and face prosecution.

When fishing Club Waters no member shall carry a gun or be accompanied by a dog.

Vehicles must be parked with care and consideration to land owners and other anglers. No members shall trespass beyond the boundaries of Club Waters or wilfully or carelessly cause damage to property, crops, leave gates open or in any way cause annoyance to owners of property..

Night time fishing, the lighting of fires or barbecues is strictly prohibited on all Club Waters.

All children aged 12 years or under must be accompanied by an adult.

Tins (i.e. sweet corn, meat), alcohol, alcohol cans or bottles of any description are STRICTLY NOT allowed on any MAA Waters.

All keep nets must be at least 2 metres in length and be fish friendly approved.

Please take all your litter, waste line and tackle home with you. Leave the peg you were fishing tidy and litter free.

No contest of any sort is permitted on MAA waters without the express permission of the club committee.

Please park your vehicles carefully and sensibly, with consideration for land owners and other anglers.
Any disorder, pollution or infringement of the rules must be reported as soon as possible to the Club Secretary.