Match Results

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Match Results will be listed here as when they are known.


Sunday 5th  May 2013 Springlea Cancelled but held on Top Pool Groes Pools.

1st Dave Paignton peg 31 24lb 5oz

2nd Cliff Wainwright peg 22 20lb 2oz

3rd John Kaye peg 16 19lb

4th Gareth Goodwin peg 20 10lb

5th John Dixon 8lb

League 1 15th May 2013 - bottom pool - Groes Pools

1st Paul Thistleton peg 3 12lb 1oz

2nd Andy Martin peg 1 10lb 4oz

3rd Andy Rowbottom peg 2 7lb 6oz

4th John Kaye peg 4 3lb 3oz

22nd may
1st Derek jones 25lb 8oz. Peg 1 
2nd Andy martin 19lb 5oz peg 3
3rd Neil Hughes 14 lb peg 10

29th may
1st ian ward 29lb 8oz peg 13
2nd Andy martin 17lb 4oz peg 22
3rd Derek jones 16lb peg 1

5th. 12th. And 19th June were canceled.

26th June 
1st Ian ward 17lb peg 17
2nd Paul Thistleton 13lb 2oz peg 22
3rd Andy martin 8lb 8oz

3rd July 
1st John Dixon 24lb 3oz peg 9
2nd Ian ward 15lb 12oz peg 5
3rd Neil Hughes 13lb 7oz peg 3

10th July
1st Ian ward 16lb peg 7
2nd Paul Thistleton 9lb 6oz
3rd Andy martin 9lb 5oz

17 th July
1st Paul Thistleton 17lb 15oz peg 16
2nd Ian ward 15lb 4oz peg 26
3rd Andy martin 12lb 15oz peg 31 

Air ambulance
1st top pool Andy martin 33lb 12oz peg 16
2nd Dave Paington 12lb 8 oz peg 22
3rd Chris hatch 10lb 10oz

Bottom pool
1st John Kaye 28 lb 2 oz peg 12
2nd John Dixon 22lb 10oz
3rd Derek jones 14lb 4oz peg 9

5th May Spring lea changed to Garth pools
1st Dave Paington 24 lb 5oz peg 31
2nd cliff wainwright 20 lb 2 oz peg 22
3rd John Kaye 19 lb peg 16

23rd June Ryton
1st Andy martin 84lb
2nd Chris hatch 71lb 8oz
3rd Paul Thistleton 43lb 14 oz.